Advocate Penn State Capital Day is coming March 20.

Since 2001, Penn Staters have gathered in Pennsylvania’s State Capitol Building to show-off their support for Penn State. What started as a rally has grown into a day complete with opportunities to meet with your local legislators, networking opportunities with fellow Penn Staters, a rally that continues to grow each year—what could beat ending the day with some free Berkey Creamery ice cream?

As the University’s largest single-day advocacy event, Advocate Penn State Capital Day helps us continue to provide an accessible and affordable education while maintaining our status as a top-tier research University We need your help!

Fill out the form below to register for Advocate Penn State Capital Day. We’ll provide everything you need, including training materials, breakfast and lunch, transportation to Harrisburg for those who request it, and the opportunity to connect with lots of other Penn Staters. We’ll even schedule your meetings with your elected officials! Just keep an eye on your inbox after registering.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Advocate Penn State Capital Day?
Advocate Penn State Capital Day is a single day, University-wide advocacy event that takes place in Harrisburg, PA. The schedule of the day is as follows:

  • Registration and breakfast
  • Meetings with elected officials
  • Networking with Penn State affiliates
  • Lunch
  • Penn State pep rally in the rotunda, complete with remarks from President Barron and an appearance by the Nittany Lion
  • Ice cream social with creamery ice cream

What are the advantages of attending?
Attending Advocate Penn State Capital Day is a great way to speak up for the University in a low-pressure, fun environment. In addition to free food and a trip to Harrisburg, attendees will learn more about state politics, the University, and advocacy in general.

Who is invited?
Everyone with a connection to Penn State! Students, alumni, parents and family members, staff, and faculty from across the Commonwealth are encouraged to attend. This is not an event for University Park alone—we’d love to see Penn Staters from every district!

I am nervous about meeting with a legislator. Is Capital Day still for me?
Yes! Nerves are common, but we do the best we can to train all attendees before the event. Additionally, most meetings take place in a group setting, so you’ll have support around you the whole time.

What is the time commitment for Capital Day?
Advocate Penn State Capital Day will take place from approximately 9:00am to 2:00pm, not including transportation time.

I have other commitments and can’t attend the entire day. Can I come for part?
Yes! Check back soon for a schedule and come when you can. Please do still register for the event so we ensure we schedule you a meeting and order enough food.

Am I able to meet with my legislators outside of Capital Day?
Yes! Meeting with legislators is a great way to stay involved. In fact, Penn State has a whole team of advocates that email, call, or meet with their legislators several times a year. You can be an advocate too by visiting


Registration for Capital Day is now closed.

If you were unable to attend this year’s Advocate Penn State Capital Day, you can still show your love for Penn State by becoming an advocate