Penn State Lobbying Disclosure Instructions

Questions regarding the Pennsylvania Lobbying Disclosure Act should be sent via email to Mary Ann Chavey and note the word “lobby” at the subject line.

To assist Penn State in complying with the Commonwealth lobbying disclosure law, Penn State employees who engage in lobbying on the University’s behalf must complete a reporting form describing the lobbying activities undertaken and any related expenses. The appropriate reporting forms, PLDA 1 and PLDA 2, are described further below and are attached to these instructions. Employees who regularly engage in lobbying activities with the Senate, House, Executive Branch and other state officials, employees, or their immediate familites should integrate the reporting forms into their daily routines, keeping a regularly recorded log of their lobbying activities and expenditures. Employees who engage in occasional lobbying activities on behalf of the University must complete the appropriate PLDA form for each such activity. Upon completion of the applicable PLDA forms, the forms must be forwarded to the: Government and Community Relations, 117 Old Main, University Park, PA 16802.

Documents to substantiate expenses reported (invoices, bills, vouchers, receipts, charge slips, cancelled checks, etc.) should be attached to the completed forms and forwarded to Government and Community Relations. If the exact amount of an expense cannot be determined, a good faith estimate of the expense must be reported. All PLDA forms must be provided to Government and Community Relations within the quarterly deadlines set forth below.

Form PLDA 1 is used to track lobbying expenses incurred on account of lobbying efforts undertaken on behalf of Penn State. Any time an employee engages in lobbying on behalf of Penn State, a completed Form PLDA 1 must be forwarded to Government and Community Relations along with documents to substantiate any expenses related to the lobbying activity. Employees engaged in influencing agency contract considerations on behalf of Penn State are also required to complete Form PLDA 1.

Form PLDA 2 must be completed any time an item of value, such as a gift, meal, or transportation, is provided to a Senator, Representative, Executive Branch, other state official, employee, or their immediate family, on behalf of Penn State.

**Offices may duplicate these forms as needed.

Reporting Periods and Deadline Dates to Submit PLDA 1 and PLDA 2 Forms to Government and Community Relations:

  • Quarter 1: January through March – PLDA Forms Deadline: April 1
  • Quarter 2: April through June – PLDA Forms Deadline: July 1
  • Quarter 3: July through September – PLDA Forms Deadline: October 1
  • Quarter 4: October through December – PLDA Forms Deadline: January 2